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Large Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown, 4-5kg

Catalogue code: 2112032

Christmas simply isn’t Christmas without a good turkey. Now a permanent fixture on our Christmas menu, the Free Range Bronze is the champion of the turkey world. Reared on a family-run farm in Worcestershire, the turkeys roam in grassy paddocks and fields, bedding down on fresh straw overnight. They are allowed to grow at their natural pace until they reach full maturity and are fed on a natural diet. Chosen for its moist breast meat and superbly gamey legs, this is an exceptional turkey crown that will transform your Christmas feast.

A turkey crown is perfect for smaller gatherings; The breast meat remains as a whole piece, whilst the thighs are boned, stuffed and rolled with our very own pork stuffing. This preparation means that a crown is quick and simple to cook and carve, with everyone enjoying their favourite bits but tastes just as good as a full-size turkey.

Large 4-5kg

Serves 8

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