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Royal Tea Blend
Earl Grey Tin

Fortnum's Whole Leaf Silky Pyramid Tea Bags

Delve into a world full of tea!

Tea is in our bones, and it influences almost everything we do, and so, Fortnum & Mason is pleased as a tea flavoured punch, to announce the arrival of our exceptional silky tea bags in the pyramid shape.

Did you know, that pyramid (or as we call them, silky tea bags), give an even better and more subtle flavour than conventional tea bags?

Our silky tea bags are filled with our delicious blends of whole loose leaf tea, created by our very own experts using the finest quality grade tea leaves. Some of the teas hail from as far away as Japan, or as close in style to home, with the elegant Royal blend tea.

Most historical tea bags are created using a finely cut grade of tea leaves and are designed to release the flavour and colour in a quick burst at the beginning, perfect for when time is short. However, when talking of our silky tea bags, they are more spacious, and so, through this, the tea leaves have ample space to roam around the pyramid and diffuse perfectly, using the silky tea bag as their own strainer, releasing their subtle hints, notes and full complexity of flavour profiles, giving you, your best tea yet.
Countess Grey Tea Blend
Breakfast Blend Tin
Rose Pouchong Tea Blend

If you love the loose leaf tea counter, then our gorgeous silky tea bags are the perfect choice, as they are of the same quality as the loose leaf tea counter, but, without any of the fuss, perfect for those on-the-go moments. Our silky tea bags are filled using the orthodox style of tea processing, which involves rolling and shaping the uncut larger whole leaves and are passed through sieves in order to filter out the various grades, and so the whole rolled leaves go into our silky tea bags, allowing for a higher quality brew; get all the flavour of loose whole leaf teas, in a convenient tea bag.

Our silky tea bags require a little longer brew time, when compared with the more traditional tea bags, (2-3 mins), however, through this, the aromas and flavour profiles are released at a slower rate and therefore an even more premium quality tea is achieved, through convenience and a couple of minutes extra, how’s that for a quick brew.
Moroccan Mint

Our silky tea bags are featured in various forms and ranges, such as our special and rich Royal Blend tea, our new gently roasted, mellow flavoured Japanese Genmaicha (Brown rice green tea), a minty Moroccan Mint brew, or even our extraordinary tea infusions and unique Oddi-Tea ranges. They come in a smart click lock box, and make for a great gift, and with the whole loose leaf silky tea bag tin, make for a perfect on-the-go brew companion or gift. All are perfect for that long afternoon, when you need a full bodied, yet subtle pick-me-up, enjoyed at any time of the day or night.