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The Three Days of Christmas

~ The Three Days of Christmas ~

The most wonderful time of the year is just that, wonderful. And yet, it can be filled with twists and turns too. Juggling pots, pans, presents and port all at the same time is quite the task, and we’ve all mastered it in our own unique way. Packed with family traditions, one too many tipples and the inevitable fight for the last chocolate truffle, here’s our guide to making this Christmas your merriest yet.

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

…and just like that, here we are. Christmas Eve. December has been a glorious blur of twinkling lights, jolly get-togethers and the joys of Christmas shopping (don’t @ us). Luckily you’re the Chief Elf when it comes to these things, and everything was ordered online weeks ago from the comfort of your own home, feet up by the fire with a Christmas Spiced Tea in hand. All wrapped up and ready to go, the only thing left to do is place a delicious pile of Mince Pies and glass of Christmas Pudding Madeira by the fire for the man of the moment. Knowing you have a big day ahead of you, you decide there’s only one thing for it, and toast the long road to over-indulgence with a couple of glasses of Champagne.

Naughty or Nice?

‘HE’S BEEN, HE’S BEEN!’ cry the youngest residents of your home, bubbling with excitement. The once-empty stockings that hung by the fire (or radiator) are now bulging with glorious gifts; under the tree there’s hampers and gift boxes in all shapes and sizes, and even the naughtiest are gifted with coal from Fortnum’s.

Depending on the age range in your home, the joy of gifting can vary dramatically. Today could be longer than a Homeric epic, so remember that Fortnum’s tea will refresh, revitalise and relax you all in one sip. Keep the pot full.
Christmas Day Breakfast Tips

If your Christmas feast is planned early, keep it simple with freshly popped toast and preserves worth toasting, like our delicious Christmas Sparkling Strawberry or Christmas Pudding jams. If you’re dining a bit later, you’ll need some fuel to see you through the day. Whether you kick of proceedings with the traditional English breakfast, a Kedgeree with Smoked Haddock, or simply a sleighful of chocolate (no judgment), just make sure there’s room for more.

Smooth Operators

With the Free Range Bronze Turkey in the oven, it’s time to set the hobs to blazing. Whilst the little ones are playing, start a conveyor belt of chopping, topping and tailing. Any initial bumps in the machine will be well oiled after one or two glasses of Champagne. Pots and pans bubbling, the kitchen is smelling divine, if you say so yourself.

DING DONG! The first guest arrives an hour earlier than planned and you quickly whip up a selection of Pates & Rillettes, Smoked Salmon and other delicious nibbles to get the party started. Flustered, you? Never…

Crowning Glory

It’s time for the most pivotal moment of the day… the pulling of the crackers. Everyone feigns smiles and laughter, but secretly their grasps are tighter than an anaconda’s grip. The stakes have never been higher when it comes to Fortnum’s crackers. Victors celebrate with the likes of Mini tea caddies (Gold Wreath Crackers) and Marc De Champagne truffles (Champagne Sparkle Crackers) while bereft parties look on with jealousy. Fortunately all ill feeling is soon forgotten over a bad joke, and the table is filled with kings and queens, crowned in multi-coloured creations.


Let The Feasting Commence!

Drum roll please… after what feels like an eternity of cooking, the Christmas feast is served! Corks are popped, bottles of luscious red and crisp white are begin passed around the table, jars of deliciousness fly open, and condiments are dolloped and spooned with gusto. Three cheers for the chef! You take a large sip of Sparkling Tea and silence descends momentarily.

After a short but much needed pause for digestion, the lights are dimmed and a glorious Christmas pudding is presented to the table. A warmed ladle of brandy is set ablaze and poured over the pudding, which is now pleasantly soaked and served with lashings of boozy butter.

So this is Christmas…

Filled to the brim and just a little bit tipsy, it’s time for a break away from the feasting table and what’s better than a little competition to cut through the calories? As you split up into teams you wonder whether you’ve chosen the right side. A friendly game of Top Trivialeads to frustrated teammates during Discourse & Debate, and the only thing that will slice the tension now is the arrival of the cheeseboard.

As the last crackercrumbs are brushed from the table and the final guest has been politely pushed out of the door, you finally get that moment to relax. Like always, it was a fantastic day filled with family, friends and food - even the brussel sprouts went down a treat – and with the little ones asleep, you flop on the sofa and curl into the blanket… So, same time next year?
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Boxing Day

And just like that, it’s all over. Well, nearly. Still completely stuffed from the night before, you’re woken by the smell of Streaky Bacon and freshly brewed coffee. Leftover turkey is enjoyed in sandwiches with Boxing Day Pickle for lunch and favourite movies are watched on TV. Out of the corner of your eye you see a box of Chocolate Caramels, Pralines and Ganache, and then with nobody looking, a third of the box is then mysteriously scoffed and washed done with a glass port. This really is the most wonderful time of the year…