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how to make the ultimate easter feast

How to Make the Ultimate Easter Feast

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It only takes a few simple steps to transform your Easter Feaster weekend into an eggs-traorindary event, filled with tasty treats and flavourful memories to keep you satisfied till next Spring...

A Bubbly Breakfast

Whet your appetite from the word go with the day's first three essentials - a chilled glass of Champagne, a plate of smoked salmon and a jar of spreadable sweetness.

The Main Event

Trimmings and tipples a-plenty, the Easter roast is the cornerstone of the great day of feasting. From the centrepiece to the sauces and sides, we've got you covered.

Afternoon Delights

When the clock strikes four, we're ready and waiting with a selection of refreshing teas and perfectly dunkable biscuits.

The Hunt Is On

From the lavender bush to the hanging oak tree, the possibilities of eggs-ploration are endless. Wow your happy hunters with some Easter delights, handmade and perfectly packaged to be an added surprise when discovered.