#FortnumsChristmas: The Christmas Shop at Piccadilly

Most people deck the halls sometime between the middle of October and the start of December. But not us. We start a little earlier than that. For all who haven't yet been, here is small taste of what to expect in this extraordinary place on our First Floor...


The Fortmason Hamper

The home of Christmas

Here at Piccadilly, preparations for the all-important festive season begin in earnest in July, and our Christmas Shop - around which we're shortly to go adventuring - opens in August.

At that admittedly early point - when the trees go up, the decorations are hung, when baubles are polished, crackers stacked, fairy lights strewn, and Christmas music spun - the countdown to the big day truly begins.

For all who haven't yet been, here is small taste of what can you expect to find in this extraordinary place on our First Floor…


The Grosvenor Hamper

Let the countdown commence!

There is only one way to count down the December days, and that is with an advent calendar.

Larger than Father Christmas' Boxing Day waistline measurement, our range of calendars encompasses everything from wooden keepsakes refillable every year with Fortnum's chocolates, to calendars for tea-lovers which hide a different Fortnum's tea behind each door, music-making advent calendars and more.

If ever there was a time to break any foolish self-imposed 'one advent calendar only' rules, it's now.


The Soirée Hamper

Deck the halls

The list of Christmas decorations available from our Christmas Shop is longer than the Man in Red's naughty and nice list combined.

Whether you are looking for a cute puppy on ice skates, a traditional Father Christmas figure, glamorous and glimmering baubles, a miniaturised Fortnum's hamper, Afternoon Tea service, hot air balloon, or beehive to hang from your tree, or that most essential of festive decorations - a pink glittery donut, of course - you can be sure of finding it here.

We even have a pair of upright, man-sized decorations certain to start a conversation come Christmastime. But more of them, later.



Things that make you go boom!

We have a long relationship with crackers. Way back when, we dedicated a whole shop to the things.

Previous designs of explodable party pieces have been turkey-, champagne bottle-, beer barrel- and Christmas cake-shaped, while the giant tug-of-war crackers we once made ranged from 2ft to 6ft long and were often so explosive they would fail modern health and safety standards.

Back in the here and now, our cracker range remains suitably impressive, from our extraordinary £1000 Majestic Crackers, to our Glittering Christmas Crackers, containing tea, honey, chocolate, and more, to Rory Dobner's beautifully-designed crackers with our famous Piccadilly building emblazoned on them. Cracking, you might say.