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Tea Notes | Rose Pouchong

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About Rose Pouchong

Introducing a budding Fortnum’s favourite. First featured as a small purchase for behind the rare tea counter, Rose Pouchong quickly became a firm favourite and was added to the mainstream range.

A speciality of China, made by interleaving rose petals with black tea, Fortnum’s Rose Pouchong is a gently-sweet tea with an uplifting rosey aroma and taste notes to match. A tea certain to satisfy those with a preference for more delicate, floral tea - in fact, the tea has a rich dark chocolate Turkish Delight flavour that you'll recognise on first sip.

Rose Pouchong is a traditional and naturally scented black tea from Hubei province, China. Whilst most brands flavour black tea with rose scented oils, ours is entirely natural, using just the scent of rose petals to fragrance the tea.

The rose petals are harvested at the peak of their flowering in Sichuan Province but we don’t limit ourselves to just one variety of rose petals – instead we use three: Rosa Damascena, Damask Rose and Rose of Castile. The next stage is the scenting process, which is performed several times (usually 3 or 4), to give the tea a strong but complex rose flavour. Both the black tea and the roses are cultivated using organic farming practices.

How to brew

Boil water to 100°C, then brew for 3 minutes. Enjoy without milk.

What to eat with Rose Pouchong

A delicate but versatile tea, Rose Pouchong pairs equally well with milk chocolate as it does with gamey meats and fresh fish.

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