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#FortnumsTea: Finding the Perfect Biscuit - Part One


History is littered with memorable double-acts, from Lennon and McCartney to fish and chips. But to our minds there is none better than tea and biscuits.

Admittedly, we may be a little biased. After more than three centuries of dedication to the stuff, our feelings towards tea are obvious enough: it is the most glorious drink in existence. We’ve also been making and enjoying biscuits for almost as long.

Which is why, for the first time, we’ve put our expertise to the test and paired some of our most famous tea blends with our best biscuits.

So without further ado, we present our suggestions. And that is what they are - just suggestions, not prescriptions - because really, any of our nibbleable, snappable, crunchable biscuits makes for delicious partner to a fresh-brewed pot of Fortnum’s tea.

And in case you were in any doubt: yes, dunking is encouraged. Etiquette be damned. Any right-thinking person knows that a swift dip of a perfect biscuit into a fresh-poured cup of tea is one of life’s little treasures. And how, we ask you, can something so tasty possibly be wrong?
Royal Blend & Pistachio & Clotted Cream Biscuits

Royal Blend & Pistachio & Clotted Cream Biscuits

Arguably our most famous tea, we’ve been making Royal Blend since 1902.

The biscuits, by contrast, are one of our newer creations, but the traditional clotted cream and unique and subtle flavour of the pistachios combines to make a perfect companion to Royal Blend’s natural honey-like sweetness.

Equally as important, it’s a sturdy biscuit too. And that means excellent dunking opportunities.

Breakfast Blend Tea & Chocolossus Biscuits

Breakfast Blend Tea & Chocolossus Biscuits

It may say Breakfast Blend on the tin, but we know from of countless thousands of Fortnum’s customers that this robust and malty Assam is enjoyed after breakfast, too.

That’s why we’ve plumped for the Chocolossus - a feast of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and macadamia nuts, and the enormous biscuit in the middle of the pile of Fortnum's favourites above - as the perfect partner to a strong cup of this full-bodied and invigorating tea.

But be warned: the Chocolossus is very chocolatey. You may need a short lie down if you try to eat more than two.

Earl Grey Classic & Milk Chocolate Lemon Biscuits

Earl Grey Classic & Milk Chocolate Lemon Biscuits

A refreshing, citrusy, bergamot-infused tea, our Earl Grey is an Afternoon Tea staple with a wonderfully fragrant taste.

Our milk chocolate coated Lemon Thins pack a similarly sweet and understated citrus flavour, while the chocolate coating adds a delicious counterpoint to the floral notes in the Earl Grey.

Tallied up, all that equals a hugely satisfying tea and biscuit combination. Indeed, the pairing of lemon and chocolate with the citrusy tea might just be our new favourite. We certainly ate enough during these taste tests.

Countess Grey & Lucifer’s Biscuits

Countess Grey & Lucifer’s Biscuits

A twist on the traditional Earl Grey, our Countess Grey is infused with not just citrus bergamot flavours, but bright orange notes too.

To pair with all that citrus and orange deliciousness, we’ve plumped for our intensely gingery Lucifer’s Biscuit, whose warming spiciness works in perfect unison with the fruitiness of the blend.

The result? A Christmassy combination of flavours delicious at any time of the year. As for why they’re called Lucifer’s Biscuits? Because of the fiery chili in each one, of course.

Afternoon Blend & Chocolate & Macadamia Nut biscuits

Afternoon Blend & Chocolate & Macadamia Nut biscuits

Last but by no means least is our Afternoon Blend, a light, refreshing tea with real body - and as the name suggests, a perfect cup for an afternoon of tea-and-biscuiting.

To partner this easy-drinking cup, we’ve gone for the nutty and chocolate-laden Chocolate and Macadamia biscuit - a lighter sibling to our full-on chocolate feast, the Chocolossus. The taste combination of refreshing, subtle Afternoon Blend with macadamia and rich chocolate is perfection.

But as we mentioned earlier, these are just our current favourite pairings. The beauty of tea and biscuits is that there is no right or wrong. Unless, that is, you overdo it on the dunking and having to rescue a fallen biscuit from your cup...