#TimeForTea: Royal Blend

Originally blended for a King. Sipped by loyal Fortnum's subjects for a century. Meet our very Royal tea.

When we created Royal Blend tea for Edward VII in 1902, little did we know that more than 100 years later, it would continue to reign supreme among our long list of famous teas.

But endure it most certainly has. From far and wide, discerning tea devotees demand Royal Blend in huge and growing numbers, both in loose leaf form and in bags.


A large part of Royal Blend's appeal is down to its wonderful taste. The combination of low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon and robust Assam results in a beautiful, natural honey-sweetness and thanks to the Assam, there's a pleasing maltiness too.

Best enjoyed with milk - first, last, whatever works for you - it's a bold, strong and bright cup, in both appearance and taste, and enjoyable at any time of the day.

What's more, thanks to some very extensive taste-testing (as evidenced in this Journal piece, dedicated to finding the perfect biscuit for some of our most-popular blends) we can confirm that this regally-approved cup is also a perfect partner to many - by which we mean every single one of - our biscuits.

A particular favourite (and the buttery treat in the image above) is our Pistachio and Clotted Cream biscuit. It's an excellent dunker, so submerge at will. Such is our love for this famous tea, there's the small matter of our Royal Blend Biscuits to contend with too.

Another huge part of Royal Blend's appeal - according to the many lifelong fans of the tea - is its rich history.

Initially blended to cater for the tastes of the reigning monarch - and as such, it was originally called 'King's Blend', a name which stuck until the mid-1920s, and the now-familiar moniker was adopted - it quickly found a wider audience.
Photograph by @leaf.leaf.06 on Instagram

That royal pedigree, combined with the fantastic taste, made it an instant favourite in Piccadilly and beyond. The always-beautiful packaging - like the beautiful vintage example above - also helped turn curious sippers into long-term devotees.

To be precise, our Royal Blend is now in its 114th year and serving its fifth monarch - Edward VII's tea has continued to fly from our shelves during the tenures of George V, Edward VIII, George VI and now, Elizabeth II.

Refreshing, full-bodied and versatile - it pairs equally well with marmalade as Welsh Rarebit - Royal Blend's own rule at Fortnum's shows no signs of ending.

Long may it reign, and pour.