The Journal | #FortnumsChristmas

Packed Full Of Christmas

Step inside the magical world of Fortnum’s, and you’ll see just why we’ve been Masters of Merry since 1707.

Count them – that’s 312 Christmases we’ve got under our belt. And year after year, festive spirits remain irrepressibly buoyant at 181 Piccadilly. Such is our enthusiasm that we begin polishing baubles, stacking crackers, and generally decking the halls as soon as we possibly can, looking forward to the moment when we can let our festive flag truly fly.

By now, our wonderful windows have been unveiled, our winter lodge at Somerset House is abuzz with the après-skate crowd, our Food Halls are crammed with feast-worthy provisions, and our diary is packed with so many festive happenings that Father Christmas himself has warned us that we may be overdoing things.

Well, good. Now is no time for understatement: we’ll take popping corks, lusty singing, booming crackers, and the joy-giving, life- affirming, celebratory feelings and foods of Christmas any day.

Nothing better captures the magic of Christmas than a Fortnum’s hamper, and this year, we're celebrating the history and mystery behind our festive wickers. Filled with delicious things to eat, drink and enjoy, nothing beats the giving (or receiving) of one at Christmas.

So how on earth do we do it? There's no secret here. We've been perfecting them now for some 300 years. (Yes we're a poet and we do know it – you'll just have to watch the video above to hear the rest.)

For many of our customers, over the centuries and across the generations and the miles, from our glorious gifts to the very best mince pies, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Fortnum’s. It is a huge privilege, and quite a responsibility, to be such an important part of Christmas for people all over the world.

As for you, we know you’re always one step ahead. So this year, why delay? You can enjoy the pick of everything at Fortnum’s and be ready for all those ‘Oh, you shouldn’t haves’ come Christmas. After all, there’s no time like the present...