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Pack Your Picnic Like A Professional

Read six expert pieces of picnicking wisdom from Fortnum's - in readiness for your summertime alfresco feasting.

The great British summertime. Lovely isn’t it? As the days become warmer and the sun is shining that little bit longer, the best way to enjoy these moments (and remember, this is Blighty… so there’s always the chance it might be a little on the grey side) is to head outside for a little al fresco feasting. Whether it’s the local park, a nearby beach, or your own perfect patch of lawn, there’s nothing quite like dining outdoors.

Whilst packing a picnic sounds simple, it isn't quite as easy as dining at home. But with these six handy tips, you’ll be packing a picnic like a professional in no time. Just don’t forget the Scotch Eggs

1. Pick The Right Picnic Basket

Unless your picnic is in your garden, you’re going to need something to transport your essentials in. A wicker picnic hamper is the most traditional carry-all for your feast. Along with being extremely practical, ours our filled with elegant fine china and all the accessories you’ll need. We also have handy picnic bags, perfect for popping over your shoulder and making the most of the day ahead.

2. Keep Your Cool

Nobody likes a soggy sandwich, we simply can’t bear the thought… our collection of coolers are perfect for hot days and we pack by the mantra - heat rises, cold sinks. So when it comes to packing your picnic, place foods which need to be chilled and are going to be enjoy first at the top. Leave your dessert on the bottom – a time saver and will also ensure each course is served at the perfect temperature.

3. Don't Forget The Extras

If you'll be sitting on the ground for your picnic, don't forget the rug. Our signature Eau de Nil check picnic rug also makes for a great den should you get caught out in a little drizzle. In addition to your perfect base, there is one other all-important item which should never be forgotten – the corkscrew for the wine.

4. A Marvellous Menu

Every picnic should have a selection cold cuts and flavourful salads. For sandwiches - think coronation chicken, cucumber with mint cream cheese and roast ham with mustard - three classics we serve with Afternoon Tea in our Tea Salon. We always take a truckle of cheddar cheese (to be eaten at room temperature), a handmade pork pie, and it goes without saying, Scotch Eggs, along with a jar of piccalilli.

5. Tip Top Tipples

A delicious feast deserves a selection of extraordinary range of tipples. The pop of a cork is the best signal to celebrate the arrival of summer and every picnic needs a little fizz. With our freezable bottle holder (pop this in your freezer the night before your picnic) your bubbles, white and rosé wines will be perfectly chilled in the summer heat.

6. Always Bring Tea

The final, and a self-explanatory point, surely. Tea is always an essential. Especially in a suitably stylish Fortnum's flask