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Fortnum's County Biscuits

Take a delicious tour of four British counties with our ever so English biscuits

From our signature preserves to our locally sourced fresh produce, we love to celebrate the four corners of this beautiful land and the extraordinary food it has to offer. While our wonderful County Biscuit Tin – a celebration of old English recipes from around the country – has been a popular Fortnum’s staple for a little while now, we thought it was time to spruce it up a little and even add a new member to the trio.

If you are not yet familiar with our County Biscuits then you are about to be much acquainted. We stretched our search for uniquely British flavours from the bottom to the top of the map, and gathered stories along the way. Drawing from local folklore, each traditional biscuit has a tale to tell – from the Red Rose of Lancashire to the Mermaid of Padstow.

County Biscuits Illustration
County Biscuits
County Biscuits Illustration

Speaking of marine creatures, where better to begin our tour than at the seaside? From rum and raisin ice cream to a sip of white wine on a honey coloured terrace, Cornwall is the British answer to Bordeaux. The Cornish Fairing began as a humble favourite at county fairs, but over time it became a delicacy gifted between lovers. Marrying tangy ginger with subtle spices, this sweet treat is the perfect afternoon tea biscuit. To consume a Cornish Fairing is to consume the character of Cornwall.

The Cornish Fairing is perfectly paired with our Chai Tea.

With our next outing, the smooth sway of the ocean breeze is replaced by the historical county of Lancashire. The recipe for Lancashire Flips has survived for over 100 years making it more than worthy of a place in our caddy. While this biscuit may only be made from three ingredients, the Lancashire Flip is a delightful balance of oaty goodness with a crumbly finish, perfect with a spread of butter.

The Lancashire Flip is perfectly paired with our Darjeeling BOP.

From a 12th century ceremonial county we are transported to the wild moors of Yorkshire. Home to the oldest annual horse race in the English sporting calendar, Yorkshire combines the rugged British landscape with charming villages and ancient landmarks. As the largest county in England there was little debate as to whether the Yorkshire Parkin would make it into our county tin. Originally eaten on Bonfire Night, this warming winter biscuit is perfect for feasting on throughout the winter months. With a mix of oatmeal and black treacle, the Yorkshire Parkin is a dive into a crisp, treacle-filled heaven. Eat responsibly.

The Yorkshire Parkin is perfectly paired with our Royal Blend.

Finally, the newest member of our county tin – The Shrewsbury Biscuit. Legend has it that a Giant built the famous Wrekin Hill in Shropshire to build a wall between himself and this county he so begrudged. Well, we think Shropshire is rather lovely. And where better to find the final delicious delicacy in our county tin than the medieval town of Shrewsbury? The famous Shrewsbury cake can be found in British cook books dating back to 1658. Our Shrewsbury biscuit maintains this sense of legacy with the pairing of fruit and sweet flavours in a delicious shortbread biscuit.

The Shrewsbury Biscuit is perfectly paired with our Assam Superb.

The unique tale of each county is mirrored in the stunning illustrations on our tin. The shape is based around a 1920s style square tin and is also reusable, containing a cylinder in the lid that will keep your biscuits fresh. Reach inside to discover legends old and mysterious hidden in a little booklet inside your tin.

Whether you complete your tour in one sitting or slowly amble from county to county, the memorable flavours of our four counties will soon have you coming back for more.

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