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Sir Nigel Playfair had a taste for the bold.

As actor and manager of London’s Lyric Theatre, he would proudly flout tradition, most famously so in 1919 with an unconventional production of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’.

Critics derided it at the time, later eating their words and declaring it a watershed in the history of the performance. He achieved a similar feat with the British breakfast.

In 1920, Sir Nigel came to us in search of a bitter, thick-cut preserve for his toast. We obliged, creating a strong, substantial marmalade with a deep flavour and lots of chewy peel.

It was, as with everything he did, the opposite of what was popular at the time. A true taste-setter to the end, the rich, citrusy marmalade he helped create is today considered the toast of the town.
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