The Journal | The Preserves Library

Introducing Three Delicious Jars!

Join Fortnum's as we taste our way through our library of preserves, conserves, curds & marmalades, four fabulous jars at a time...

Blackcurrant & Coffee Preserve

Made with plump, sweet, fresh-picked blackcurrants and dark-roasted coffee (yes, real coffee), the combination of earthy fruitiness and warming, gentle bitterness is as delicious as it is unusual.

Exceptional with your breakfast toast or croissants, wonderful as a filling in a traditional sponge cake and just the thing to add depth and sweetness to Sunday gravy too.

Morello Cherry & Chocolate Curd

Smooth in texture and in flavour too, this entirely new curd creation matches rich chocolate notes with a beautiful tart-sweetness.

Made with real Belgian dark chocolate 80% cocoa solids and juicy cherries, this is a jar built with much more than simple toast in mind - spoon on pancakes, add to ice cream, or spread over warmed croissants. And when we say spread, we mean spread liberally.

Orange & Champagne Marmalade

Nothing less than Buck's Fizz in a jar. Made with sweet Valencia rather than the more traditional Seville oranges found in most marmalades, there are generous helpings of both Fortnum's Champagne and Marc de Champagne in this spectacularly sparkling stuff.

Excellent - as you would expect - on hot-buttered toast first thing, this versatile marmalade also makes for a delicious sticky glaze to sausages.