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Introducing Our New Pet Collection

Essential Pooch Provisions

Edward Bawden, our illustrator in the 1950s had such a fondness for felines that he once created an entire catalogue – or ‘CAT-alogue’, as it was called – based around them. Ever since then, all signs would seem to point to us being cat people – after all, they’ve been roaming around London wearing our Red Coats, so nobody could blame you for thinking such a thing.

We’ve decided it’s high time to honour our other four-legged friends, and are doing so with our first ever collection for both cats and dogs with beautifully made toys and accessories available both in Piccadilly and online.

Available online, two hampers have been specifically designed for happy hounds, along with a distinguished wicker F&M-emblazoned dog bed basket. Our customers have been using old hampers as dog baskets for years, and so we thought it was about time to create something rather more bespoke.

Discover more about the brands we’ve curated for this pooch-approved collection:

Mutts & Hounds

Inspired by the Cotswolds countryside, each piece from Mutts & Hounds is made in their Wiltshire studio. Made to exceptionally high standards, much of the manufacturing still happens in-house, despite the company's growth. Using original and unique printed linens, Yorkshire tweed and Italian leather, their wares are made to last.

Pippa & Co

After struggling to find the perfect bed for their dog, the founders of Pippa & Co decided to create their own, marking the beginning of their business. With the desire to create high-quality, beautiful products for dogs, Pippa & Co was established with comfort and style in mind. Exclusive to Fortnum & Mason, this stunning collection has been handmade in the UK.

Kara Leigh Ford

Inspired by the sunny Dorset coast, each ceramic piece by Kara Leigh Ford is designed to transport people to their favourite beach or stretch of coastline. Lovingly handcrafted from stoneware clay near Bath, Somerset, no two dog bowls are the same, and each is made to be the perfect companion for your canine.

Fetch & Follow

Made for the urban dog-about-town, Fetch & Follow is a dog lifestyle brand based in East London. Durable and long-lasting, with some exclusive colours designed just for Fortnum & Mason, its high-quality wares are perfect for stylish pups.

Fortnum's Dog Hamper

Fortnum's Dog Hamper

Packed to the brim with treats galore, this canine-approved wicker will keep them entertained for hours.

The Top Dog Hamper

The Top Dog Hamper

Fun-filled and packed for playtime, this hamper is the perfect gift for any discerning pup.

Fortnum's Dog Basket

Fortnum's Dog Basket

Made from 100% sheep's wool, our traditional dog bed sits inside our famous wicker basket made from willow.