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Green Tea Notes #2 | Jasmine Pearls

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About Jasmine Pearls

Whole Jasmine flowers are harvested by hand, then layered with tea leaves in the evening when the flower aroma is at its strongest to create this floral tea. Overnight the tea naturally absorbs the jasmine character, before the flowers are removed the next day. The resultant tea has a sweet and fragrant flavour.

How to brew

Boil water and allow to cool for 2 minutes (90°C) before pouring, then brew for 2-3 minutes. The water will need to be a bit hotter for the tea leaves to open from their pearl shape.

Our new Green Teas can also be enjoyed with cold or ambient temperature water, an ideal alternative during the summer months.

What to eat with Jasmine Pearls

Best enjoyed with spicy foods such as a spiced carrot cake, spiced white meat, as well as shellfish, potatoes and tarte tartin.

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Time for another cup?

Time for another cup?

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