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How our Camellia tea set is made

Introducing our newest set of beautiful tea china.
Inspired by the wallpaper in our Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon and our long history with the Camellia sinensis leaf from which it takes its name, our Camellia range of teaware is handmade exclusively for Fortnum’s by Caverswall in the heart of the Potteries.

A fellow Royal Warrant holder and manufacturer of the finest bone china England has to offer, Caverswall use the traditional skills of master craftsmen passed down through the generations to create this exceptional range of teatime-ready pots, cups, mugs, saucers and plates.

Here, in five stages, is how each piece goes from raw material to finished product:

Biscuit kiln firing: First, each clay piece is fired at a temperature of 1125 degrees for 10 hours. After firing, the ware is known as ‘biscuit’, because of its dry, biscuit-like surface.

Glazing: Next, each piece is hand-glazed by spraying or dipping before being fired once more – this time at the ever-so-slightly cooler temperature of 1100 degrees.

Decorating: The twice-fired pieces are then decorated, by the hand applying of a transfer, decal or litho print.

Decorated firing: Once the delicate hand-decorating is complete, the ware is fired for a third time – on this occasion, at 825 degrees.

Gilding: Finally, using just a very fine brush and plenty of patience, each piece is hand-gilded with gold, before being fired for a fourth and final time, at 775 degrees.

And what of the beautiful design across the range? Regular visitors to our famous Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon will notice a distinct similarity between our 4th floor restaurant's wallpaper and the intertwining tea motif on the Camellia range. The plant in question is, of course, the Camellia sinensis.

Another, altogether-harder-to-spot detail of our Tea Salon wallpaper that has made its way onto our new teaware is a little blackbird, who can be spotted here and there, flitting between the branches.

A close relative of the bird who appears on our Salon wallpaper, the bluebird on our Camellia range adds a splash of colour whenever he appears.

A beautiful set for every day or special occasions, the Camellia is your new favourite teaware in waiting. Shop the range today online and in-store.
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