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Boxing Day Hamper

Introducing Matcha

Delicately smooth with bold flavour notes of green grass and seaweed - Matcha has long been the tea of choice for discerning green tea-drinkers.

Made from Tencha, a shaded Japanese green tea variety, our Matcha is a ‘ceremonial’ grade quality tea, one of the finest grades available. An incredible amount of care and detail goes into ensuring only the highest quality leaves and superior tools are used.

Wonderful when mixed into a latte for an extra boost of energy, or blended with milk and ice for an exciting smoothie, one reason for Matcha's increasing popularity is the sheer range of brewing options it offers.

Here, in just a few simple steps, is our guide to preparing your first cup of Matcha. Enjoy.

Sieve three bamboo spoonfuls (as pictured) into your bowl or cup. This vital first step helps removes clumps, ready for the next step in the process.

Next, add very small amounts of freshly drawn cold water to the powder and with your matcha whisk, gently smooth the combination into a paste. The consistency should be thick and slightly sticky, but with a smooth, glossy sheen. Lean in close to the bowl to get a full sense of the sweet, pungent aroma of the tea. It's quite something.

Bring approximately 40ml of freshly drawn water to 75 degree Celsius, then add slowly to the paste, and vigorously whisk the mix in a ‘W’ motion, being careful not to touch the bottom of the bowl. At this stage, try to prise any remaining paste from the sides of the bowl into the brew and keep whisking until you have formed a glossy, frothy layer of bright green foam across the top of your bowl.

At this point, your work is done and your cup of Matcha should be the perfect temperature to drink immediately. But be warned: the flavour is intense, so sip slowly. You may love the taste, you may not. But it'll certainly leave an impression...