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Jade Oolong Tea

Springtime Sipping

Tea originated in China, but exactly how is unclear. One story goes that in 2737BC, the Emperor Shen Nong was resting under a tall wild tea bush and boiled some water for refreshment. A few leaves lazily drifted down and fell into the pot, resulting in what we now call tea.

We’ve been importing leaves from tea’s homeland for as long as we’ve been around, and are still bringing new ones home today, including this highly prized Jade Oolong from Hunan province.

This deep green loose leaf tea is made by repeatedly rolling the leaves to enhance their flavour. Once infused, the lightly-oxidised leaves gently unfurl to release their essential oils.
Jade Oolong Tea Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

It is bright and mellow with a beautiful orchid scent. Known for its fresh, floral aroma, sweet flavour, and refreshing mouthfeel, it can be rebrewed several times over, revealing subtle nuances in each serving.
How to Brew Easter Tea

How to Brew

Boil water to 100°C, then brew for 3-5 minutes with the help of our elegant tea accessories from silver-plated tea strainers to glass teapots. Serve without milk.
Perfect Pairing for Jade Oolong Tea

Perfect Pairing

Enjoy alongside our Organic Smoked Salmon. Starting from the very best single-source, welfare-accredited raw fish, this smoked salmon has been produced by hand at every stage and balances perfectly with Jade Oolong.