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Introducing Our Confectionery Wonderland

A Little Bite of What You Fancy...

This month heralds the grand opening of a new chocolate wonderland on the ground floor of our Piccadilly store. Fit to bursting with more than 500 varieties of chocolate in one place – from moulded to enrobed, hand-made to hand-painted, and after dinner to before and even during dinner – it is truly a sugar-coated Xanadu made real.

Last year we proudly brought Ruby Chocolate into the world, and now we’re introducing even more lip-licking innovations in the form of our new caramels, pralines and ganache. While all are made in England, they’ll take you on a globe-sweeping journey of discovery with every mouthful, from Guatemala and Nicaragua to Vietnam and Vanuatu.

Intense and curious flavours celebrate our adventurous spirit, from Fortnum’s signatures such as Rose & Violet and Kent Orchard Honey to the distinctly un-classic Oud Caramel and Yuzu & Ancho Chilli.

They appear as part of a new loose chocolate counter, designed to resemble a vast, sweet-filled amphitheatre.

loose chocolate and hot chocolatehot chocolate tap
The 300-strong assortment includes 150 brand new chocolates, and a deliciously exhaustive list of truffles, caramels, chocolate bark, dragees, marzipan, pralines and ganache. Fortnum’s signature truffles come in over 40 innovative flavours including Dusted Royal Blend Tea, Knickerbocker Glory (a homage to the iconic Fortnum’s dessert) and a Ruby Chocolate Kent Orchard Honey truffle. All new varieties of chocolates are palm oil-free, and no added sugar, vegan-suitable and alcohol-free varieties are in the mix too.

You’ll also discover a higher percentage of cocoa and use of only the most exceptional chocolate throughout. Created by master chocolatiers, many of our chocolates are still made to time-honoured, traditional techniques – and the right ingredients can make all the difference when it comes to one’s waistline too (all in moderation, of course).
It’s no surprise that our founders were avowed sweet-tooths themselves: “Let us take a cup of chocolate!” William Fortnum is said to have uttered to Hugh Mason before their daily meeting. As one of its original purveyors in the UK, we’ve applied our obsessive taste buds to drinking chocolate too, launching five new single-origin hot chocolates, and ensured that no mug remains empty thanks to refillable caddies of our Ultimate Hot Chocolate. Truly, we don’t use the word ‘ultimate’ lightly...

Of course, words are one thing. The proof, really, is in the pudding. Or chocolate. Every inch of our wonderland is laden with sensory pleasures, from aromas jars and daily tastings to a live chocolatier station, rippling with molten chocolate, and even hot chocolate on tap.

But even if you don’t visit us in Piccadilly, you can still submit to your chocolatey desires and explore the full, irresistible collection here on Packed into beautiful boxes like edible jewels, they make for wonderful gifts. Of course, that’s if you don’t devour them yourself first…

How We Make Our Handmade English Chocolates

How We Make Our Handmade English Chocolates
Our Handmade English collection is handcrafted in Brighton from the most exceptional ingredients, using time-honoured, traditional techniques.

NEW! Caramels, Pralines and Ganache

NEW! Caramels, Pralines and Ganache

Our new collection of delicious chocolate delicacies - made by adventurous chocolatiers for inquisitive chocolate lovers...