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Black & white portrait by David Loftus. Cookbook images by Rob Palmer.

In Conversation with Josh Niland

To celebrate the UK launch of his groundbreaking new cookbook, Josh Niland sat down with Tom Parker Bowles – celebrated food writer and the author of our two extraordinary cook books – to discuss his work, his favourite food memories, and how he takes his tea.

With his most recently published cook book, The Whole Fish Cookbook – a notable exploration of his ‘nose to tail’ method of cooking fish – Josh has been praised for turning the way we cook fish on its head. Alongside his wife Julie, he has made his remarkable dishes accessible through his acclaimed restaurant Saint Peter and his sustainable fishmongers The Fish Butchery, the first of its kind in Australia. Both are based in Paddington in Sydney, Australia.

Josh joins Tom to discuss his journey to becoming a chef – from a 16-year-old working in a café in Australia to cooking alongside Heston Blumenthal at The Fat Duck in Bray – to his visionary views on how to properly prepare and cook fish in a sustainable way with minimal waste, and his favourite types of British fish too.

Fortnum & Mason is proud to be the exclusive UK stockist of Josh's exceptional Fish Weights that are used in his world-renowned restaurant, Saint Peter.

Listen below:

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