How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

In celebration of our new and exclusive Speciality Coffees, we’ve created the definitive guide to making the perfect cup.

Wine drinkers are no longer the only connoisseurs in the world, and the incredible tastes that coffee can produce are nothing short of astonishing. Venturing beyond the everyday familiar tastes will open a world of discovery. When choosing your beans, look for the country, region or estate of origin. Our collection of seven Speciality Coffees are hand-roasted in small batches and sourced from unique farms from around the world - from Jamaica to Yemen - and make for an altogether more interesting sip than your average cup of joe.

It's All in The Beans

Coffee, without question, is at its best days after roasting. But like most, we aren’t able to roast our own at home. So our tip is to buy as and when you need it. Try not to buy in bulk as over time, once opened, the coffee will lose its rich aromas. Oxygen and bright light are the ultimate flavour destroyers when it comes to coffee. Never put your beans in the fridge, as beans are porous and take in odours. Store your beans in a dry, dark place, the pantry will be perfect. Our beans are beautifully packaged in solid, sturdy, vacuum sealed tins, helping to retain that delicious taste, day after day.

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Grinding Your Own Business

Nothing smells quite as good as freshly ground beans. It’s said you can sell a house quicker by brewing before a viewing. It’s simple, grind only what you need when you need it. Coffee tastes its best when the beans have just been ground. Whether you’re using a traditional hand grinder, or a burr or mill grinder don’t underestimate the importance of the size of the grind, as this can completely alter the final taste. The type of grind you need will depend on your chosen equipment.

Extra CoarseCold Brewing
CoarsePercolators, Cafetiéres, Cupping
Medium – CoarseChemex Brewer
MediumDrip machines with flat-bottomed filters
Medium – FinePour-over Cones, Vacuum Pots, Siphon Brewers
FineDrip machines with cone-shaped filters, oven-top coffee makers
Extra FinePump or steam espresso machines

Pure Waters

Serious coffee lovers use bottled water or charcoal/carbon filters on their taps. Nothing can ruin coffee more than tap water with odd tastes or odours. If you’re using tap water, let it run for a few seconds until it is at its coldest. Try to use the freshest water, it is after all 98% of the cup.

For the best tasting coffee, use water between 195 – 205 degrees (after boiling, wait 45 seconds before pouring) If your water is too hot, the coffee will become bitter. If the water is too cold, the result will be flat.

Beautifully Balanced

The standard measure for brewing coffee is two level tablespoons per 170ml or two and half tablespoons per 227ml. Try to stick to this as using less coffee or adding more water will result in bitter tasting cups. Experiment to find your perfect ratio, do you like yours deep and strong and or light and fruity.


Now is the time to enjoy every last sip. A finely prepared cup of coffee won’t last long, so take a moment to experience the aroma, the tasting notes, its body, balance and acidity. Pick your perfect spot, favourite book, and envelope yourself in your perfect cup of coffee.

Do you know your Espressos from your Ristrettos?

CortadoEspresso with equal parts steamed milk
EspressoSimple - Strong, short, intense and black
Espresso doppioA double shot of espresso
Espresso con pannaEspresso finished with whipped cream
RistrettoMeaning 'restricted'. A smaller, intensely thick espresso
CappuccinoEspresso with equal parts of steamed & frothed milk, finished with chocolate
Flat whiteSteamed milk with fine bubbles and smooth velvety consistency – poured over a single/double shot of espresso
Café au laitSimilar to a latte, but made with strong coffee rather than espresso for a less intense flavour. About half coffee, half milk
AmericanoSimply an espresso that has been poured over, or diluted with hot water
MochaSteamed & frothed milk with espresso and hot chocolate
FrappeA coffee milkshake – coffee, syrup and a little water are mixed, poured over ice and topped up with milk
LungoA long extraction – An espresso with twice as much water
LatteAn espresso with two thirds steamed, hot milk. Finished with foam
MacchiatoEspresso with just a dash of foamed milk
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