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Hot Cross Hacks

Just the thing for your Easter Feaster celebrations, discover four deliciously different way to make our Hot Cross Buns even more extraordinary.

Hot Cross Buns with Welsh Rarebit

A delicious sweet and savoury combination, the sweet spices and plump fruit of our traditional Hot Cross Buns make an unbelievably good counterpoint to our Potted Welsh Rarebit. Spread liberally, toast beneath the grill until the cheese is golden and bubbling, and enjoy.

Hot Cross Buns with Bacon and Brie

A second and equally-scrumptious sweet-savoury Hot Cross Bun recipe, combine bacon and brie into a delicious Hot Cross sandwich. The match of sweet Easter spices, salty bacon and rich, creamy brie is marvellous. For an even quicker combination, try a slick of our Beef Extract.

Hot Cross Buns with Banana Preserve

Rich with real banana fruit, our gently sweet and unusual Banana Jam makes the perfect topping to a traditional hot cross bun. Buttered first, heaped with jam second, the mix of Easter spice, currant and banana is very, very good indeed.

Hot Cross Buns with Raspberry & Rhubarb Jam

A simple spreading of butter is the favoured Hot Cross Bun topping for many come Easter, but for a sharp upgrade we highly recommend swapping it for a liberal amount of our Raspberry & Rhubarb Jam. Rich, tart and perfect paired with a cup of our Easter Tea.