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Fortnum's Honey & Violet Gin

Made using nine hand-picked British botanicals

We have been champions of the unconventional, extraordinary and downright peculiar for over three centuries, so it should come as no great surprise that our latest tipple is - entirely naturally - a vibrant shade of violet. Exclusive to Fortnum's, this exceptional gin was hand-crafted using honey and violets harvested from our very own Piccadilly rooftop.

Our floral honey is harvested each October from our Piccadilly beehives and offers a subtle sweetness to the gin's fragrant, herbal notes. At six feet high - almost twice the height of a normal beehive - our four hives are home to a colony of busy bees crafting delicious honey that is highly in-demand each year. Similarly, our vivid violets grow happily overlooking St James' and, once infused, give colourful character with each sip.

The gin itself was hand-crafted in Edinburgh at the Old Curiosity Distillery. The distillery is also home to The Secret Herb Garden, a site with over 600 types of naturally-grown and tendered herbs - the perfect spot from which to craft a heady, herbal delight such as our Honey & Violet Gin.


An All-natural Tipple

An All-natural Tipple

Fortnum's own honey and violets are combined with nine hand-picked British botanicals - including sweet cicely, bog myrtle, dwarf birch, juniper, angelica root, winter savory, wooden avens, sweet woodruff, yarrow and nettle - that are harvested in cycle with the moon at the distillery’s Secret Herb Garden.

The honey gives soft herbal sweetness, while the infused violet petals give it a natural vibrant blush. Serve long with tonic over ice and a slice of lemon.

Pair with Fortnum’s Organic Smoked Salmon.