The Journal | #FortnumsXHeinz

Fortnum's Heinz Windows

Our Heinz windows have been unveiled!

In 1886 a young entrepreneur by the name of Henry J Heinz arrived on our Piccadilly doorstep with a suitcase of baked beans, and the rest is history. To celebrate 150 years of Heinz, the brand has partnered with yours truly to create limited edition Fortnum & Mason labels in our famous Eau de Nil colour of three Heinz classics. And as it was in 1886 – they are exclusively available at Fortnum’s. Happy 150th birthday to Heinz!

Our eight iconic windows on Piccadilly capture a collection of Heinz classics, and showcase hours of meticulous craftsmanship using hand sculpting and painting, neon lighting and bespoke engineering – if you put Tomato Ketchup on everything, grew-up on Baked Beanz or enjoy a bowl of Cream of Tomato soup you’re in for a real treat. We’re incredibly proud of them, and hope that you pay a visit to our Piccadilly store so that you can see them for yourself.

Ling heather honey

Below, a single tomato standing proudly in the spotlight, surrounded by tins standing to attention.


Left a slice of toast big enough to feed 50 people, swimming in that delicious Heinz Baked Beanz sauce.


Things are getting a little bit saucy in Piccadilly. Let the chip dipping commence!


Fortnum's bees


A gigantic bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup is surrounded by a waterfall of ripe tomatoes.