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What makes our Christmas Spiced Tea so Christmassy?

Meet our once-in-a-season teatime creation, and three of our favourite things to enjoy with a cup

Plenty of festive spice and a lot of Christmas spirit, that's what.

But more specifically, our tea experts pick the finest Chinese black tea and blend it with a secretive blend of Christmas spices, zesty clementine and cacao nibs, to create a robust and decidedly seasonal brew, enjoyable day or night, and specifically made to partner every sweet festive excess. Adding tot of whisky to a cup of this glorious stuff instantly transforms it into a winning hot toddy, too.

But first and foremost, we recommend partnering a cup of this festive blend with one of the season's sweeter treats and teaware - so without further ado, here are three of the innumerable delights that pair perfectly with our Fortnum's Christmas Blend tea. Happy sipping.
elvas plums

Elvas Plums

Grown in the unique microclimate of Portugal’s Elvas region on the Spanish border, the season of Elvas Plums is short, and all the sweeter for it. Each plum is handpicked and harvested in July before taking a long, leisurely bath in sugar for six weeks.

The plump plums - which we've been selling in great numbers since 1815 - are then carefully washed down and dried under the Mediterranean sun, and their sweet fruitiness is delightful with the spiced notes of our Christmas tea.
Georgian Christmas

Georgian Christmas Teaware

When it comes to drinking our ever-so-festive Christmas Spiced Tea, only the finest teaware to accompany it will do. Our Georgian Christmas Teaware range was designed to match the intricate pattern of our spiced tea caddy, making these perfect partners.

Serve with our Christmas Mince Pie Biscuits alongside and you'll be simply sleighing teatime all winter long.
Mince Pies

Mince Pies

Whether you plump for our traditional Mince Pies - deep-filled, as ever, with our famously fruity and gently tipsy mincemeat - our Almond Topped Mince Pies, or our Gluten Free Mince Pies, there's no simpler pleasure than a cup of Christmas Tea and one of the season's star pies, warm from the oven.

And as if that's not enjoyable enough, you can always add a spoonful of our Cognac, Spiced Rum or Cherry Ripe Liqueur Butters for good measure.