Christmas Hamper Gift Guide

Choosing the perfect Christmas present for someone can be quite the challenge. Even once you've finally decided, there's the predicament of wondering how to wrap it and ensure it looks and feels every bit as special as intended.

As anyone who has ever been given one will tell you, there is nothing quite like receiving a Fortnum's hamper. Before you delve into our full range of iconic wickers, come and browse a selection of our most popular Christmas Hampers - across various price ranges and with something to suit everyone. Let the delicious indecision begin!


The Winter Hamper

The Winter Hamper

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, appetites were stirring, for a Fortnum’s wicker was waiting to be had.

Packed to the brim with warming winter treats, such as biscuits, tea, preserves, chocolate, and so much more to enjoy, there was something for the whole family and St. Nicholas to adore – and what's more, it only cost them £100.


The Marylebone Hamper

The Marylebone Hamper

Packed to please even the most discerning palate, our Marylebone Hamper is filled to bursting with extraordinary provisions - all for just £200!

When dinner is over and the cheeseboard served, there are few finer ways to continue the after-dinner feasting than with this extraordinary Fortnum’s hamper, packed with delicious treats with tipples, coffee, tea, biscuits, sweets, chocolates and more.


The Epicure Hamper

The Epicure Hamper

‘Epicure’ is defined as a person who gives (themselves) up to sensual pleasure.’

We quite agree, which is why this hamper is so laden with extraordinary things – from bottles of tipples and jars of honey and preserves to hand-baked nibbles and biscuits and our favourite teas, coffees and confectionery. For £300, you can give yourself up to a little pleasure...


A Merry Christmas Hamper

The Merry Christmas Hamper

A Merry Christmas requires a great many things, but chief among them are good food, good drink, and good company – all three of which this hamper promises for just £400.

What truly sets this hamper apart is its elegant personalised leather tag, so you can add the initials of a loved one for an extra special touch this Christmas. This his aptly named hamper promises toast-ready tipples, dunk-worthy biscuits, scrumptious savoury delights, chocolate treats, festive tableware and more.