The Journal | #FortnumsChristmas


~ #FortnumsChristmas ~

Feasting Tips #1-3

We've been making Christmas delicious for centuries with recipes and little festive twists like these...
Beef Gravy

Beef Tea Gravy

Our Beef Extract was believed by Queen Victoria to possess invigorating properties without compare. Stir a generous spoonful of this deliciously warming stuff through your Christmas gravy to bring out the best in any centrepiece meat.
Pigs In Blankets

Marmalade Pigs in Blankets

Toss our tart and tangy festive marmalade - a marriage of red onions and mulled wine soaked cranberries - through your pigs in blankets in the last five minutes of roasting for a sticky-sweet glaze worthy of the highest praise.
Truffle Carrots

Truffle Honey Stilton Carrots

When it comes to butter, we don't do things by halves. Mix two parts butter with one part of our Truffle Honey Stilton, then dollop atop piping hot carrots finished with parsley. Delicious.