NEW: The Camellia Tea Set

Introducing our newest set of beautiful tea china

Camellia sinensis has always been an important part of Fortnum's - though it's perhaps better known by it's more colloquial name, tea.
Our new Camellia china is inspired by both our long and storied history with that most famous of thirst-quenching plants and by the beautiful handmade wallpaper in our Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon too.

If you've ever had the pleasure of taking tea (and scones, and sandwiches, and cakes, and...) in our refined and elegant Tea Salon, you may have spotted a similar intertwining tea motif to the one on this range of china, on some of the wallpaper.
But only the most eagle-eyed Fortnum's visitor will notice the really wonderful little detail that appears throughout this beautiful collection - namely, the little bluebird, happilly flitting here and there.

Inspired by a close relative who can be spotted by eager twitchers on the walls of the Salon, this colourful chap - and we have indeed checked and it is a 'he' - takes a starring spot on the Camellia range, adding a splash of colour whenever he appears.
Gold-gilded and made exclusively for Fortnum's in Stoke-on-Trent - the British home of fine china for centuries - the Camellia china is as fitting an accompaniment to a full-blown afternoon tea, as it is to a leisurely cup at home.

Because after all, doesn't wonderful tea - and if it says Fortnum's on the caddy front, you can be sure it certainly is wonderful - deserve equally wonderful china?
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