Iri-Descent by Liz West

Iri-Descent by Liz West | London Design Festival


13 September - 25 October

Location: Piccadilly

To celebrate this year's London Design Festival we have collaborated with sculptural light artist, Liz West, to fill our atrium with her stunning piece, Iri-Descent - a suspended arrangement of 150 skeleton-framework cubes, clad with dichromatic film in two differing colour-ways, the cubes appear to change colour as visitors move around the atrium and between the floors above and below. There are two colour variations interlacted throughout - warm and cool - offering a pink and blue range of hues. The highly reflective film also mirrors its surrounds and transmits complementary colours outwards.

Iri-Descent forms part of an ongoing series of spatial light works based upon research into colour theory and light fields with an ambition to transform architectural spaces and public environments. West works across a variety of media, mixing luminous colour and radiant light in a provocation of sensory reactions. With Iri-Descent, she wants to encourage visitors to enage with the space in a new way, and to examine their own personal relationship to colour and light.