Fortnums Presents: Horton X Boxer: Prawns

Fortnums Presents: Horton X Boxer: Prawns


Wednesday 21 November, 6.45pm

Location: The Wine Bar

Ticket Price: £75pp

Sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips. Next week Fortnum’s is delighted to host an extraordinary meeting of minds between award-winning chef du jour Jackson Boxer and taxidermist Harriet Horton.

Intelligent, playful, and visually extraordinary, the collaboration will be a unique commentary on food waste, an issue close to Harriet and Jackson’s hearts. The UK alone wastes 7.1 million tonnes of food every year, and spends £15 billion on throwing it away. Thinking differently about the way we shop, consume, and dispose of food can transform the state of the planet – and this collaboration shows there are more creative ways of addressing this than you might think.

At a dinner for 40 guests in the Fortnum’s Wine Bar, Jackson will deliver a show-stopping menu – including oyster, Bergamot, and green apple; octopus, chickpea, and blood pudding; and seaweed and pearls – inspired by Harriet’s unusual artistic practice of marine taxidermy.

Harriet is shining a new light on the practice – literally – with work that juxtaposes taxidermied animals and neon light, with a special focus on that most curious of sea creatures, the prawn. Harriet’s fantastic beasts will immerse diners in a neon-lit aquatic world on arrival, and before Jackson’s dinner is served, she will demonstrate the process behind her creations.

Harriet is an artist in residence of Lee Alexander McQueen’s charitable trust Sarabande, which offers scholarships and studio space to gifted emerging artists.

All proceeds from ticket sales for the dinner will go to Sarabande. A selection of Harriet’s works will be displayed throughout our Piccadilly store, which will also be available to purchase.


Oyster, Bergamot, Green Apple

Octopus, Chickpea, Blood Pudding

Prawns & Iceberg, Brill, Potatoes, Caviar

Seaweed, Pearls

Wine is included in the ticket price.

Horton x Boxer
Horton x Boxer
Horton x Boxer