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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans, 125g Tin

Catalogue code: 8023188

Widely renowned as the distinguished birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia delivers some of the most exceptional and exotic cups in the world – and the highlands of Yirgacheffe are at the heart of this origin’s most celebrated harvests. It was here that people first cherished the invigorating aromas of roasted coffee beans, and nurtured the rituals of preparing, sharing, and conversing over a complex cup of coffee.

Here, we endeavoured to source a classic profile, ‘fully-washed’ coffee from small farmer producers of the Hafursa Waro Washing Station, harbouring the sweet inherent fragrances and flavours of the heirloom Arabica beans.

Bright and aromatic with a tea-like caramel sweetness, this medium roast, washed arabica has a citrus finish with subtle notes of chocolate and floral bursts. Perfect for all-day sipping – from your morning wake-up cup to an after-dinner treat.

Available in whole bean coffee tins.

Weight: 125g

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