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Earl Grey Tea & Tea Strainer Gift Set

Catalogue code: 2159434

British Prime Minister Earl Grey gave his name to this hugely popular tea back in the 1830s, and ever since it has been thought of as a classic English afternoon tea. It is not a type of tea, but a flavour, made up of a simple black tea flavoured with aromatic and stimulating oil of bergamot.

For a proper cup of loose-leaf tea, the simple but elegant stainless steel tea strainer included will prove most useful. Engraved with Fortnum's logo, it is a very useful accessory and would make a thoughtful gift.

Taste & strength
Refreshing and fragrant.

When to drink
Best in the afternoon.


Brewing information
Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Drink with milk, or brew lighter and add a slice of lemon.

Storage advice
Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.

For a full list of ingredients and allergens, please contact us here.

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