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Earl Grey Classic, 25 Decaffeinated Tea Bags

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British Prime Minister Earl Grey gave his name to these hugely popular Decaffeinated Tea Bags back in the 1830s, and ever since have been thought of as a classic English afternoon tea. Its flavour is made up of a simple black tea flavoured with stimulating oil of bergamot.

Please note, our decaffeinated teas are sourced from Kenya.

Tasting Notes

Our version of this ever-popular blend, created by our tea experts some 90 years after Earl Grey’s teatime debut. A refreshing tea with abundant citrus notes, it pairs perfectly with rich sweet or savoury flavours – from dark chocolate to spiced lamb.

Brewing the Perfect Cup
  • Use 1 Tea Bag
  • Add freshly-boiled water
  • Brew for 3-5 minutes
  • Enjoy

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