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A Statement from Fortnum's on Diversity and Inclusion 

Without diversity, talent and passion, we simply wouldn’t be where we are today.

Updated 17th June 2020

With over 65 nationalities represented at Fortnum’s, we are proud to have an incredibly diverse workforce. We believe in attracting the broadest range of talent, and in embracing individuality and our ambition is to cultivate and enable a culture of respect where people are empowered to succeed, where difference is valued and everyone can be themselves.

The recent calls for racial equality has rightly made us pause and look at what actions we are taking as a business to truly deliver on our ambition for diversity and inclusivity.

Let’s be clear, we don’t just stand as non-racists, we are committed to being anti-racist. Black lives matter.

We stand by the calls for racial equality and systemic change to ensure a fair, tolerant and inclusive society. Racism, discrimination or indeed any bias does not have a place at Fortnum’s and we have a collective and individual responsibility to build a business that reflects the change that we want to see in the world. This is not about hashtags, social posts or platitudes. It is about taking action and proactively doing the right thing - today, tomorrow and over time.

Change starts with recognising that.

The most immediate actions that we are taking:


1. Listening & Engagement

Listening to, hearing from and discussing with our colleagues in a variety of ways (surveys, listening groups, discussions.)

2. Learning & Leadership.

Inequality has many forms, and manifests itself in a variety of ways. We want to uncover and combat any unconscious bias that exists across the business. We are:

- Rolling out unconscious bias training for the whole company

- Reviewing all of our People processes 


3. Governance & Accountability

We are setting up a Diversity and Inclusion Council with representation from all areas of our business. This council will govern our efforts and hold us to account. We plan to address not just racial injustice, but to build out programmes of work that support all dimensions of diversity including gender, LGBTIQ+, multigenerational, disability and multicultural. This council will play a vital role in challenging us to look at every aspect of our business to determine what change is needed.

These initiatives are just the first of many steps that we will take to challenge discrimination in its many forms, and we will have more to share as time goes on. This is a continual process both individually and as a business and one that we are duty bound to.

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