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Chocolate Pralines & Ganache Selection Box, 320g

Catalogue code: 2214194

Discover our centuries’ worth of exploration into intense and curious flavours with our pralines and ganache.

Made and hand-decorated in England, these chocolates will take you on a worldwide journey of remarkable flavours.

Salty, crunchy and smooth, this exceptional selection would make a wonderful gift – if you can refrain from devouring them all yourself first.

The selection contains 32 chocolates:

  • 3 x Dark Chocolate Pistachio Praline Crunch: Rich, nutty pistachio praline encased in a moreish dark chocolate, finished with a delightfully textured crunch
  • 3 x Milk Chocolate Pecan Praline: Pecan praline encased in velvety milk chocolate with a beautifully textured finish
  • 3 x Milk Chocolate Praline with Feuilletine: Notes of malty caramel and roasted hazelnut with a delicious dose of crispy feuilletine on the finish
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Praline with Nougatine: Delicate milk chocolate paired with notes of toasted nuts and a warming burst of caramel
  • 3 x Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Praline with Crispy Caramel Coated Hazelnuts: Dark chocolate and hazelnut praline with crunchy hazelnut pieces coated in rich caramel
  • 3 x Dark Chocolate Morello Cherry Ganache: Sweet Morello cherry puree combined with a dark, fruity chocolate
  • 2 x Dark Chocolate Pomegranate & Hibiscus Ganache: A rich dark chocolate combined with floral, woody notes and a sweet pomegranate finish
  • 2 x Dark Chocolate Blackcurrant Ganache: Dark, earthy cocoa combined with the sharp taste of blackcurrant bursting with sour notes and light acidity
  • 2 x Milk Chocolate Almond Praline Crunch: Velvety milk chocolate with a delightfully textured crunch of moreish almond praline
  • 3 x Dark Chocolate Praline with Feuilletine: Roasted hazelnut & malty caramel chocolate notes followed by an effortless crunch from the crispy crepe Feuilletine
  • 3 x Milk Chocolate Yuzu & Ancho Chili Ganache: Punchy citrus notes of yuzu and grapefruit blend beautifully with the complex, sweet and spicy aroma of warming ancho chilli
  • 3 x Milk Chocolate Maple and Oak Smoked Salt Ganache: The finest P.D.O Anglesey Sea Salt is oak smoked to compliment sweet Canadian maple encased in silky milk chocolate

  • Presented in beautiful keepsake giftboxes, these jewel-like chocolates make for wonderful gifts.

    Weight: 320g

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