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Welcome to Chocolate Wonderland

As avowed sweet tooths, extraordinary chocolate always makes us feel cheerful. Explore our many different varieties, created in small batches by master chocolatiers often to time-honoured recipes and techniques. 

Chocolate and Confectionery from Fortnum's Chocolate and Confectionery from Fortnum's

Life's Little Luxuries

Fortnum's Favourites

Chocolate Every Which Way 

Sweet Stories

The World's Hottest Chocolate

The Chocolate Library

Each novel chocolate bar in our library of classics has a story to tell.


Our 99% Emission-Free Sailboat Chocolate

Produced in the Caribbean by the world’s first ‘Farm to Store’ craft chocolate makers, our new naturally grown and certified organic Sailboat Chocolate is 99% emission-free. And as the name may suggest, it has been on quite the journey to reach us in Piccadilly...

Every day is a delicious adventure with Fortnum's. Follow our journey and share your own.