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Chai, 15 Whole Leaf Silky Teabags, 37.5g

Catalogue code: 2180489

Fortnum’s Chai Loose Tea is made following an ancient recipe where black tea is infused with Indian herbs and spices to produce a warm, soothing drink that will satisfy and please. Enjoy this luxurious blend with a dash of milk for an experience truly exquisite.

These innovative pyramid bags are spacious enough to hold whole leaves rather than the small cut tea in regular teabags. This makes a difference to the quality of the brew because whole leaf tea has more flavour and complexity.

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Tasting Notes

Recipes for this famous tea vary from region-to-region, even household-to-household – our take on Chai was created in 2008. Made using Indian Assam and a hand-picked collection of spices, it partners equally well with milk chocolate or mellow cheese.

Brewing the Perfect Cup
  • Use 1 Tea Bag
  • Add freshly-boiled water
  • Brew for 3-5 minutes
  • Enjoy

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