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Caramel & Toffee Tin, 275g

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Made by exceptional British producers, these classically-made confectioneries are produced in small batches in copper cauldrons to traditional English recipes.

Each caramel and toffee is mixed, decorated, foiled and packed by hand and the cream comes from a rural 400 acre farm with only a small herd of cows, that roam outside in the fields. When inside they have beds of deep straw and are fed with grass and clover silage that has been grown on the farm. The result is healthy, happy cows that produce exceptionally high-quality milk and cream.

The smooth, creamy caramel is slightly chewy in texture and melts on the tongue. It has been naturally flavoured with Madagascan Vanilla Bean, Rosa Damascene and Halen Mon Anglesey Salt. The toffee, in contrast, is firm but not hard, with buttery undertones that perfectly compliment the milk and dark chocolate.

Weight: 275g

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