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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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Corporate Gifts from Fortnum & Mason - Thanks to the personal service, Fortnum’s corporate gifts are a pleasure to buy as well as to receive.

Corporate Gifts

Doing a good job should be its own reward – but receiving a thank you gift does make the nine to five a little more pleasant. Over the years, Fortnum’s has developed its corporate gift service to the point that its corporate hampers have become the ultimate prize. Fortnum’s secret is two-fold; the sheer quality and choice, ranging from a simple gift to an enormous bespoke hamper; and the personal service that it offers, ensuring that it is as much fun to buy the corporate gifts as it is to receive them.

Once you have chosen Fortnum’s for your corporate gifts, the first step is to contact the corporate gifts team, who can guide you through the many choices available. This can be done over the phone the corporate gift team will be happy to welcome you into the store to discuss your choice over a cup of tea or coffee. With so much choice, it does help to see what’s there at first hand - and the one-to-one consultation is a very enjoyable part of the process.

Our first step is to understand the customer’s budget, as all requirements can be catered for. Generously sized hampers are no trouble at all, but smaller options are also possible. Our smallest hamper is just the right size for a quarter bottle of champagne and a few other delicacies, too.

The next step is to establish the occasion, which could be a celebration, a thank you gift, a colleague’s birthday or perhaps a reward for good results (the offer of a well-filled hamper can do wonders for one’s productivity). Once that has been pinned down, the work begins on finding the perfect corporate gift.

Fortnum’s iconic hampers are a popular choice, of course, not just for the high quality of the contents, but also for the prestige of its famous logo. (And of course each sturdy hamper will have endless uses over the years, once the contents have been consumed.) Customers can opt for any number of ready-made hampers, such as the Park Lane Hamper, a selection of sweet and savoury foods, the Vintner Hamper, filled simply with very good wines from our cellars, or the Cheese & Wine Box, clearly aimed at a particular connoisseur.

But if none of the hampers quite does the trick, you can make up your own by choosing the exact contents that you want, whether that be an entire dinner party, a dozen bottles of wine or a year’s supply of chocolates. And it need not be food – you can choose from every department at Fortnum’s, which means that the hamper could contain anything from a chef’s apron to a china teapot.

After the hampers come the gift boxes, each of which focuses on a simple theme, such as port and Stilton, tea and biscuits, birthday treats or a basketful of cook’s ingredients. Again, the bespoke option is there – you can simply choose your container and fill it with whatever the occasion demands.

What’s more, the bespoke service extends beyond merely choosing the contents of a hamper. There are a number of personalization options, such as gift tags, personalized wine labels or ribbons that match the company’s colours. A tempting corporate discount scheme is also in operation.

To discuss your gift requirements, please contact our Corporate Gifts Team on corporate@fortnumandmason.co.uk or telephone 020 7973 5602.

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