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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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The English Essentials Hamper

The English Essentials Hamper

Catalogue Code : 2001161


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This hamper will deliciously bolster one's flag-flying credentials. It is simply crammed with classic English favourites such loose-leaf tea, marmalade and excellent pickle, mustard and horseradish. We have also added a tin of County Biscuits, another of mint fondants and an exemplary jar of honey, made with Salisbury bees. Completed by a copy of our book Tea at Fortnum & Mason, the contents of this hamper are as English as a cream tea.

Available for Worldwide delivery excluding Australia and New Zealand.

Hamper Contents

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  • Burlington Breakfast Marmalade 340g

    Catalogue Code : 2003682

    • The Earl of Burlington knew a good thing when he saw it – namely 16th century Italian architecture, of which he was a devotee. He would have approved of this marmalade, too, as it is a happy marriage of form and function, and has been carefully constructed to offer a fine-cut peel and plenty of pale golden jelly with every spoonful.
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  • Classic Trio Taster Pack, 3 x 113g

    Catalogue Code : 2106703

    • To solve the problem of what to spread on one's toast, this little gift box contains three traditional preserves: Strawberry Preserve, made with two kinds of strawberry; sharp and sweet Lemon Curd, made with butter, eggs, and lots of lemon juice; and Monarch Marmalade, a full-bodied, thick-cut vintage marmalade that will pep up your breakfast and brunch.

      3 x 113g jars
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  • County Biscuit Selection

    Catalogue Code : 2003729

    • Each corner of England has its traditional biscuits: this selection covers some that have travelled especially well. Regular pitstops are advised on our culinary tour of the provinces. Contains Cornish Fairings, Lancashire Flips & Yorkshire Parkin.
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  • Earl Grey Classic, 250g Loose Leaf Tin

    Catalogue Code : 2002674

    • British Prime Minister Earl Grey gave his name to this hugely popular tea back in the 1830s, and ever since it has been thought of as a classic English afternoon tea. It is not a type of tea, but a flavour, made up of a simple black tea flavoured with aromatic and stimulating oil of bergamot.

      Taste & strength
      Refreshing and fragrant.

      When to drink
      Best in the afternoon.


      Brewing information
      Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Drink with milk, or brew lighter and add a slice of lemon.

      Storage advice
      Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.
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  • Fortnum Pickle, 95g Jar

    Catalogue Code : 2000357

    • Sweet carrots, peppery celery, swede, turnip, celeriac, tamarind, ginger and dark molasses sugar combine to produce a not-too-sweet pickle with lots of depth and versatility. Beneath the subtle bite, one can actually taste each ingredient, turning a Ploughman's Lunch into more of a Squire's Luncheon. It is the pickle to have on your cheeseboard, as it really does go with everything. We would even go so far as to suggest cooking it into your mince the next time you make cottage or shepherd's pie.

      Please note, this item is only available as part of a hamper.
  • Fortnum's Hot English Mustard, 90g

    Catalogue Code : 2000380

    • A good, hot English mustard should always have a place on one's dining table. Traditionally strong, traditionally smooth and traditionally English, this is indispensable when serving hams, pork pies and sausages.
  • Hot Horseradish, 90g Jar

    Catalogue Code : 2000368

    • Proper horseradish should be fresh, creamy and eye-poppingly hot. This will fit the bill - made with freshly grated English horseradish, it has a nicely rustic texture and just the right amount of stimulating heat. Serve with beef and fish, stir into smoked mackerel pâté and feel free to mix in a dollop of cream to soften the bite.

      Please note, this item is only available as part of a hamper.
  • Icy Mints, 125g Box

    Catalogue Code : 2006841

    • It is the unique strength of our peppermint that has made these sophisticated chocolates a firm favourite amongst our customers. Made to a secret recipe that produces a firm, minty fondant covered in bitter chocolate, these are refined and refreshing and perfect after dinner.
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  • Rose & Violet Creams, 250g Box

    Catalogue Code : 2006802

    • Fortnum's Rose & Violet English Creams could be said to be our signature chocolates, as they have proved so popular with our customers. Made entirely by hand, these chocolates have been lovingly mixed, poured and coated in the same way to the same recipe for decades. Subtly flavoured with natural flower oils, these are very English and very Fortnum's.

      Watch the video of our head chocolatier explaining the care and expertise that goes into the production of our exquisite chocolates. Click here to watch now.
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  • Royal Blend Tea, 250g Loose Leaf Tin

    Catalogue Code : 2002657

    • In this classic Fortnum's blend, low-grown Flowery Pekoe from Ceylon lends an uplifting note to the maltier Assam to make a very traditional cup of tea. First blended for King Edward VII in the summer of 1902, Royal Blend has been popular ever since for its smooth, almost honey-like flavour.

      Taste & strength
      Sturdy and refreshing.

      When to drink
      Ideal at any time of day.

      Ceylon and Assam

      Brewing information
      Use boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes depending on taste. Best drunk with milk.

      Storage advice
      Airtight container, preferably a tea caddy.
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  • Salisbury Plain Honey

    Catalogue Code : 2084576

    • Made by bees living peacefully on Salisbury Plain, undisturbed apart from the occasional military exercise, this deliciously light honey is filled with the aroma of wildflowers and particularly of clover. It is rather good with cheese, as it is not too sweet, but is also good on buttered bread and hot toast.
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  • Tea at Fortnum & Mason

    Catalogue Code : 2023319

    • Since William Fortnum and Hugh Mason began trading in 1707, the history of tea in England and that of Fortnum & Mason have been inextricably linked. After 300 years of trading, Fortnum's is now renowned across the world not only for its fine teas, but also for celebrating the art of afternoon tea, which is observed with due ceremony every day in the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon.

      To celebrate this long and happy association, we are delighted to announce the publication of Tea at Fortnum & Mason, a beautiful new book that aims to be the definitive guide to the taking of afternoon tea.

      As well as leading the reader through the fascinating history of tea in England and Fortnum's own history of tea-selling, the book provides more than 45 recipes for all kinds of traditional teatime delicacies, from finger sandwiches, rose biscuits and lemon curd meringues to sumptuous brownies, teabreads and cupcakes. It will also introduce the reader to the many different types of tea and how to best to brew them to achieve the perfect cup.

      Filled with intriguing historical facts, delicious recipes and expert advice on choosing, making and drinking your tea, this book is a celebration of two great British institutions in a single volume.

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