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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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2013 - Fortnum's Arrives at St Pancras

For the first time since 1707, Fortnum's opened a new store in the UK, at St Pancras International Station. Positioned on the St Pancras concourse, it is designed to serve the country's travellers, just as Fortnum's has done for 300 years. Opened by intrepid traveller Sir Ranulph Fiennes, it is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a light meal at the beginning or end of your journey. To read more, click here.

2012 - The Royal Visit

1st March 2012 was an historic day at Fortnum & Mason. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge, visited the store to open the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon. It was also an opportunity for Her Majesty to inspect the 60 unique Diamond Jubilee products created in celebration of her reign. One of these was a service tin – filled with tea and biscuits – that we sent to 17,000 British servicemen and women across the globe. To read more about this historic day, click here.

2011 - Fortnum's Record Breaking Scotch Egg

He did it! On Tuesday 19 April in Fortnum’s demonstration kitchen, chef Luke Turner attempted to make the biggest scotch egg in history. His aim was to create a 7kg snack, beating the previous world record of 6.2kg (about the size of a slightly flattened football). At the centre was a whole ostrich egg, boiled for 90 minutes; around it a layer of prime pork sausagemeat; and the finishing touch was a light and crispy coat of breadcrumbs, delicately seasoned. Despite its cumbersome size, this was a first-class egg in every detail. The record was broken at 6.955kg - click here to watch the video and see how it all happened.

2007 - Opening of the new Fresh Food Floor

The new Fresh Food Floor and Wine Bar, 1707, is now open.

Now Fortnum's Food Hall has expanded onto two floors for the first time, there's a greater variety of fabulous fresh food than ever before. We can’t imagine anyone asking for more.

It features fresh vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, cheese, charcuterie and even flowers. Hot sausage and mustard? Certainly. Cold jelly and custard, on the other hand, is thankfully beyond the new department's remit.

For three centuries Fortnum's has been committed to bringing the world's best food to Piccadilly – often from continents away. Fresh food, though, has always come from as close to these Isles as possible. Respecting this hemisphere's seasons has always seemed obvious to us: we've never really wavered from the path.

We take extraordinary care over the origins of everything we sell. Every sprout, lobster, truckle and rib comes direct from suppliers we know intimately rather than from markets. If we’re not to uphold our own standards, who is?

2004 - F&M Japan

Fortnum & Mason Japan opens

Supplier of delicacies to Fortnum’s for centuries, Japan has long been one of our best export markets. In our first overseas expansion since 1931, we now have branches in two Japanese cities.

1999 - F&M Online

Fortnum & Mason goes WWWorldwide

In 1999 Fortnum & Mason went truly global by extending its reach into the digital universe. The first online store launched with just hampers - but there were 50 of them. Soon the range grew to include classic gifts from our Food Hall and by the turn of the millennium the site featured over 800 products.

The entirely new 2007 site expands the list still further and brings the spirit of entertainment and celebration alive on every page.

1984 - Fortnum's The Record Store

Fortnum's the Record Store

In November 1984 Fortnum's made the national news when staff requested they sell the the "Do They Know It's Christmas?" single in Piccadilly. As no-one is in any doubt when it's Christmas at Fortnum's, the company took up the idea with gusto - helping spread the charitable message far beyond its traditional audience.