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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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  • The Parlour Restaurant

The Parlour Restaurant, situated on the First Floor, provides a gastronomic ice cream indulgence to children (and adults) of all ages. Many of our flavours are found nowhere else in the world.

Authentic Viennese cakes and strudels find the partners of their dreams in our superior espresso-based coffees and what may just be the Ultimate Hot Chocolate from one of the world's most revered chocolatiers. It's a show-stopping upgrade to how Fortnum's first served the sublime substance.

Add open sandwiches and perhaps a glass of wine and you may find, as you overlook the throng on Piccadilly, that this may be the ideal place to melt away an entire afternoon.

Watch the video of the Parlour to find out more.