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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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His Birthday Hamper

His Birthday Hamper

Catalogue Code : 2040019


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Make his day complete with his favourite flavours and some useful gifts. As well as a box of Superb Hard & Nutty Chocolates, a tin of King’s Blend Coffee and a miniature iced birthday cake, we’ve included some nutty shortbread, a jar of vintage marmalade and a corkscrew to accompany the very good bottle of Rioja Crianza.

Available for UK and EU delivery.

Hamper Contents

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  • Fortnum's Corkscrew

    Catalogue Code : 2064762

    • From dinner tables to picnic hampers, a corkscrew is an essential piece of equipment. This simple, sturdy design features a corkscrew, bottle opener and miniature flip-out blade, and is engraved with our famous logo.
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  • Fortnum's Rioja Crianza, Bodegas La Encina

    Catalogue Code : 2004259

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  • Hard & Nutty Selection

    Catalogue Code : 2006805

    • The English, being a stoic kind of people, have always been keen on their nuts and hard centres. This selection of nuts, caramels and other substantial centres will keep the staunchest chewer happy. Lovingly made by hand using traditional recipes and techniques, they include almond cluster, nougatine stick, milk coconut roche, lemon fruit and nut, dark vanilla caramel and many more.

      Watch the video of our head chocolatier explain the care, expertise and attention to detail that goes into the production of exquisite chocolates. Click here to watch now.
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  • Macadamia Nut Shortbread Tin

    Catalogue Code : 2084364

    • Shortbread biscuits were traditionally cut out with a china teacup, creating the classic shortbread ‘round’. These nutty shortbread rounds are made to Fortnum’s own recipe, which uses macadamia nuts to add a lovely, buttery crunch to this classic biscuit. Fortnum’s shortbread is handmade in Edinburgh by a small, family-run bakery, which uses high-quality raw ingredients to ensure that each biscuit has that authentic crumbly texture and freshly baked taste. The tin is decorated with a design inspired by traditional tartan and reinterpreted in bright, contemporary colours, representing our new twist on this classic recipe. 150g.
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  • NEW - King's Blend Coffee, 250g Tin

    Catalogue Code : 2002331

    • Originally created for King Edward VII, our most historic coffee blend combines exquisite Arabica ‘milds’ from South America and Kenya with a creamy Indian Monsooned Malabar to produce a rich, full-bodied flavour.

      When to drink:
      Ideal for any time of the day, from breakfast to after-dinner.

      Kenya, India, Colombia

      Brewing guide:
      Best for use in cafetières, and filter methods. Brew at a ratio of 55-60g of coffee per litre of water for best results.
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  • Sir Nigel's Vintage Orange Marmalade

    Catalogue Code : 2003686

    • This classic vintage marmalade was made by Fortnum’s in the 1920s for actor-manager Sir Nigel Playfair, who asked for a bitter, thick-cut preserve for his toast. We met his request with this – a strong, substantial marmalade with a deep flavour and lots of chewy peel. The colour of dark marmalade is often achieved by cooking the sugar for longer; but we make it with two sorts of brown sugar instead, to give colour without overcooking. The result is a rich, citrussy, not-too-sweet flavour. A cheering sight on one’s breakfast table.
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