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Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

Fortnum & Mason - Piccadilly since 1707

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The Tuck Box

The Tuck Box

Catalogue Code : 2001133


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This very exciting box is definitely made for sharing. Including chocolate pearl biscuits, two jars of sweets and two bars of chocolate, it also includes a notebook and a whole jar of Crema Toscana Cacao – otherwise known as very good chocolate spread.

Suitable for export.

Hamper Contents

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  • Amedei Crema Toscana Cacao, 200g

    Catalogue Code : 2092812

    • This divine confection is made from hazelnuts and cocoa to make a creamy, nutty, chocolatey spread. Delicious on toast and fresh bread, it can also be used as a cooking ingredient in cakes and puddings.
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  • Dolly Mixtures, Small Jar

    Catalogue Code : 2006936

    • Dolly Mixtures have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and are a piece of childhood in a jar. Ours are packed into a glass jar for greater retro appeal, and are as delicious as they ever were.

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  • Harlequin Notebook

    Catalogue Code : 2094502

    • This brightly coloured notebook for drawing, scribbling and playing games. Please note, this item is only available as part of a hamper.
  • No. 32 Indulgent Fruits and Nuts Bar

    Catalogue Code : 2007021

    • If a chocolate fruit and nut bar is your favourite thing, this will be a very welcome sight indeed. We have taken our finest milk chocolate and studded it with dried papaya, banana chips, macadamia nuts, cashews and pecan nuts to make a rather superior and utterly indulgent experience.
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  • No. 5 Milk Chocolate Bar

    Catalogue Code : 2007001

    • There’s nothing quite as comforting as a bar of good milk chocolate, so we have made sure ours is the best it can be. To create it, we took a harmonious blend of cocoa beans, selected for their excellent texture and flavour, and turned them into this delicious milk chocolate, which offers a beautiful balance of creamy sweetness and an intense cocoa taste.
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  • Piccadilly Chocolate Pearl Biscuits

    Catalogue Code : 2003725

    • A wonderful all butter biscuit with more than its fair share of Valrhona chocolate pearls.
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  • Small Jar Rosy Apples

    Catalogue Code : 2006927

    • Part of our nostalgic Splendid Sweets range, these red and green boiled sweets are even better than real apples.
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